TitleLink and Shortlink Documentation

The Joomla! TitleLink and Shortlink extension documentation can be found at and Cleaning my homepage also meant cleaning up content, so I prefer not to have several copies of the same document in different places. Old links probably still refer to this homepage, so please update your links to use the official location. Thanks! Due to changed focus away from Joomla, but towards Node.js, AngularJS and other tools of that environment, i’ve been quite inactive on the Joomla extensions.

Java SSL Configuration

Working with external interfaces often needs a secured connection, mostly implemented using SSL. I recently ran into some fresh setup of two hosts, sending each other SOAP requests via HTTPS. Being a Java developer at my office, I got some error messages quite unknown to me, but after some reading of blogs and with other informational sources the problems had been fixed. Understanding the concept behind SSL and how the SSL handshake works are crucial when trying to understand error messages and to know where to fix them.