gesellix is now 'the' blog

Those who know my old web site might wonder what is about. Well, wasn’t very frequently updated with new content or posts and I guess it was in parts due to the Joomla! CMS being too much distraction when writing just a little blog post. Joomla is fine as CMS, I still like it for the massive amount of extensions and for the great community behind it. Yet, Ghost makes creating content much easier for me.


This blog is about development topics, with a focus on software development in Java and JavaScript. Recently used frameworks and tools are the omnipresent ones like Spring, Elasticsearch, Node.js and AngularJS, but I also like to play with other well known tools like Wicket and CouchDB. You may find me on the internet on several platforms like GitHub using my alias “gesellix”. As an employee at Hypoport AG in Berlin I sometimes blog at their IT blog.