Node.js with AngularJS implementation of a KeePass2 browser

A Node.js with AngularJS based implementation of a KeePass2 browser is available at GitHub. What? You should probably know about KeePass as a tool to manage your passwords or other secrets in an encrypted file. Since the default tool to edit and view your passwords is based on .NET you might not be able to use your keys everytime you need them due to missing libraries or a wrong platform (Mono needs to be installed on Linux systems).

Node.js Monitor

Playing around with node.js made me build a monitoring tool to perform continuous health checks. I have an application running with a status servlet available under a URL like For a healthy system, I get a JSON as response including an attribute result.summary. In case that summary isn’t OK, I want the monitor to send me an email with details. Nothing spectacular, so you’ll find the little piece (of currently untested) code at GitHub.