TitleLink and Shortlink Documentation

The Joomla! TitleLink and Shortlink extension documentation can be found at and Cleaning my homepage also meant cleaning up content, so I prefer not to have several copies of the same document in different places. Old links probably still refer to this homepage, so please update your links to use the official location. Thanks! Due to changed focus away from Joomla, but towards Node.js, AngularJS and other tools of that environment, i’ve been quite inactive on the Joomla extensions. is now 'the' blog

Those who know my old web site might wonder what is about. Well, wasn’t very frequently updated with new content or posts and I guess it was in parts due to the Joomla! CMS being too much distraction when writing just a little blog post. Joomla is fine as CMS, I still like it for the massive amount of extensions and for the great community behind it. Yet, Ghost makes creating content much easier for me.