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AngularJS 1.3 will drop IE8 support

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As mentioned at the AngularJS blog, Internet Explorer 8 support will be dropped with the upcoming 1.3 release of AngularJS. Dropping support means that the AngularJS developers won’t test their releases on IE8 anymore, but they won’t actively remove any code so chances are that one might still use AngularJS 1.3.x on IE8. I hope not. Hopefully Google and others will increase pressure on other companies to upgrade their infrastructure to current Windows (or even Linux, Mac) systems with current browser technologies. Well, it might even be ok to completely leave Internet Explorer and use Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Maybe Microsoft manages to update their browser more often and with more recent features than they did in the past. IE10 was a huge step forward, so let’s see. Just in case you need some background or statistics about the importance of IE8, read about it at a quite thorough blog article.