AngularJS 1.3 will drop IE8 support

As mentioned at the AngularJS blog, Internet Explorer 8 support will be dropped with the upcoming 1.3 release of AngularJS. Dropping support means that the AngularJS developers won’t test their releases on IE8 anymore, but they won’t actively remove any code so chances are that one might still use AngularJS 1.3.x on IE8. I hope not. Hopefully Google and others will increase pressure on other companies to upgrade their infrastructure to current Windows (or even Linux, Mac) systems with current browser technologies.

AngularJS 1.2 update hints

As you might have noticed, AngularJS has been released lately, without dedicated announcement. Our update from an AngularJS 1.2-rc2 has been quite smooth, only two hints might be noteable in addition to the official migration guide. With the current version the AngularJS team has fixed some issues regarding the isolate scope as described in the changelog for the 1.2.0 release or at the relevant GitHub issues #1924 and #2500.

Node.js with AngularJS implementation of a KeePass2 browser

A Node.js with AngularJS based implementation of a KeePass2 browser is available at GitHub. What? You should probably know about KeePass as a tool to manage your passwords or other secrets in an encrypted file. Since the default tool to edit and view your passwords is based on .NET you might not be able to use your keys everytime you need them due to missing libraries or a wrong platform (Mono needs to be installed on Linux systems).

Initialization of an AngularJS Application with Asynchronous Data

A recently published article shows our solution to initialize an AngularJS application using promises. You might have similar problems when your application initialization depends on http responses or other ansynchronous tasks. An online demo can be found at and the code is available at GitHub.